Android Users Can Now Switch Gmail Accounts Without Clicking 47 Times

Android Users Can Now Switch Gmail Accounts Without Clicking 47 Times
Image: Gmail

Google has been all about making account switches easier over the past few weeks.

Both Google Maps and Drive added handy gestures to make this process easier, which is great for those of us who use multiple accounts on the reg.

Now Android users can bask in this gesture glory on Gmail, too.

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Previously, if you wanted to go from one Gmail account to another on Android you would have to click AT LEAST TWICE. Maybe more if you had to re-enter your password. Unacceptable.

Gmail’s version 2019.08.18 update changes that. All you need to do is swipe up or down on your account avatar to get switching. Voila, quick inbox jumping.

If you haven’t received the roll out yet, you can download it from the APK Mirror.

If you’re an iOS user you already received this update months ago. If you didn’t notice, give it a try!

Now we just need to add in Google Keep and I’ll be happy.

As a side note, Android Police spotted that this update also contains the first sign of how Android 10’s system-wide Dark Mode will look on Gmail.

Like Google Pay it won’t be black, but rather dark blue and grey.

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