Avengers, Spider-Man And More Marvel Attractions Coming To Disney Parks In The Near Future

Avengers, Spider-Man And More Marvel Attractions Coming To Disney Parks In The Near Future

The Disney/Marvel theme park tie-ins started with Guardians of the Galaxy. Eventually, we’ll see the first-ever Avengers ride. And in-between, there’s a whole lot of Marvel coming to Disney parks in the coming years.

At the Disney Parks panel at the D23 Expo over the weekend, the company announced a bunch of new details about how all the Marvel characters are going to be integrated into their parks. A few days earlier, the company revealed most of this will happen in areas called Avengers Campus. The Campus’ are themed Marvel lands which, in story, were built as a unique outpost set up by the Avengers to recruit new heroes.

When the Avengers Campus in Disney’s California Adventure, which we first heard about two years ago and can’t use the world “Marvel,” opens in 2020, it’ll only have one new ride. The ride, which has yet to be named, will be themed around Spider-Man, the first Spidey-ride in a Disney park. (The non-Disney owned theme park Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios Orlando has one already.)

The story of the ride is that a group of young geniuses have a new building on Avengers Campus called the Worldwide Engineering Brigade or W.E.B. for short. They invent things to make humans into superheroes and one of the young people who is a part of W.E.B. is Peter Parker. Parker and his friends want park guests to test drive their latest invention, a web-slinging vehicle, that allows anyone to sling webs like Spider-Man. Of course, as that happens, one of Parker’s inventions, a Spider-Bot, starts to glitch, multiply and the test drive turns into a mission as guests have to shoot webs and defeat the Spider-Bots.

Here’s a piece of concept art of the ride itself.

The web-shooting vehicle at the 2020 Spider-Man ride.

And while that will be the only new ride when the Campus in California opens in 2020, another one is coming as part of the second phase of the area. When that would be no one said specifically but the second new ride will put fans in a Quinjet flying to Wakanda on a mission to help all the Avengers fight a massive threat.

The experience was described as having “an all-new ride system” so we don’t know if it’s a coaster or what but the concept art is mighty awesome. It’s the top art on this post but here it is in full.

Besides the Spider-Man ride, there will be other new things to explore when the Campus opens. There’s the Pym Test Kitchen, a new restaurant that uses Pym Particles to make things get really big or really small. Which sounds like a very fun dining experiences.

Concept art of the Ant-Man restaurant.

There will also be some kind of Doctor Strange show. Oh, and of course, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout will still be part of the land.

Speaking of the Guardians, over at Epcot Centre in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, they’re getting a second ride. It’s called Guardians of the Galaxy: Galactic Rewind because it’s a roller coaster that starts you off going backward. Here’s a concept image.

Concept art of Galactic Rewind.

Finally, next year at Disneyland Paris, the company will open a new hotel called Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, which celebrates 80 years of Marvel everything and will have themed rooms, such as this one for Spider-Man.

A Spider-Man room at a new hotel at Disneyland Paris

And that’s just Marvel. There’s the new Star Wars “hotel” coming to Orlando, a Mary Poppins ride coming to Epcot, a ton of other Epcot upgrades, Cruise Ships, a Cirque du Soleil show, you name it. Read about that all stuff and more over on the Disney parks Blog.