Audi’s New Car Tech Is Bougie As Hell And I’m Into It

Audi’s New Car Tech Is Bougie As Hell And I’m Into It
Image: Audi

This week Audi unveiled some brand new car tech in its updated Connect system, and we have to say that it’s extremely fancy.

Of course, Audi is no stranger to making us develop inappropriate feelings for a car.

But now the brand has upped the ante and I’m here for it.

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Audi Connect has been around since 2014, and was already one of the most advanced Infotainment systems on the market. The update adds over 15 extra features that takes it to the next level.

The majority of these revolve around Google Maps, which is crystal clear on the dash for ease of use.

But while a map system isn’t new or particularly interesting, the way it uses real-time and third-party data certainly is.

Image: Audi

Audi Connect, along with the MyAudi app, can now do things like determine what the closest parking station to your destination is. Not only that, it can tell you how much it will cost and how many spaces are currently available.

And certain places, such as restaurants, are accompanied by shiny images in the new system.

Similarly, when the petrol light turns on Connect will let you know where the closest service stations are and how much the prices are.

Safety is also benefiting from the upgrade. If you happen to crash, the car will automatically make an emergency call. It can also wirelessly relay information such as the exact location, the colour and body of the car, which airbags were set off and how many people are in the vehicle.

All of this is possible due to an on-board Telstra eSIM. In the future the system will apparently be able to relay traffic light information to the driver (like when it’s going to go green) as well as identify upcoming road issues such as potholes.

Once 5G rolls out more widely and consistently this form of connected driver will become a lot more plausible and, eventually, normalised.

“The potential for this technology to evolve the way owners use their vehicles is game-changing, and so as a result, the majority of our new models in the future will have Audi connect plus as a standard feature when it’s available,” said Paul Sansom, Managing Director of Audi

Image: Audi

And if you’re like me and forget where you parked on the reg, you can use the vehicle finder function in the app to set off your hazard lights or alarm.

The upgraded Audi Connect will be coming to the brand new Audi A6 first and will be rolling out in all new vehicles thereafter. We can’t wait to give it a whirl.