Apple Watch 5 Might Look Like This And Huh?

A customer inspects an Apple Watch at the Apple Store
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September is only five minutes away, which means it’s time to emotionally prepare for the fifth Apple Watch instalment.

While we’re so damn close, the team behind the watch has managed to plug all the leaks, especially when compared to other leaky ships (Pixel 4, anyone?). But one new leak is giving us our first look at the Series 5 and all we’ve got say is, huh?

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Steven Huon, a French Instagrammer, posted an image that seems to be the Apple Watch Series 5, according to BGR. Strange enough, it looks suspiciously similar to an Apple Watch 4.

This isn’t particularly surprising. Previous rumours have stated that there wouldn’t be much physical change to the Apple Watch 5, with updates being primarily software focused. And the fourth gen is already pretty good as is.

We know it’s meant to be the the Series 5 because the Version watchOS 6.0 isn’t yet available, but even more damning, the model number, A2157, has yet to be released.

Earlier this week, MacRumours reported Apple had filed four new Apple Watch listings with the Eurasian Economic Commission. This is a legal requirement for companies to be able to sell any encrypted devices sold in Russia and select other countries in Eurasia.

The models included A2156, A2092 and A2093 but A2157 was also there, suggesting the image might be real after all. ?

Given the previous Apple Watch series have been consistently released alongside new iPhones every September (apart from the OG, which was released in April 2015), we’re expecting a release date announcement in the coming weeks. We don’t know the day yet, as Apple is still yet to lock in a hard date for iPhone day. Thanks, guys.

We’ll have a better idea of the new watch’s features when that happens but some expected features include accessing the App Store directly from the watch, the addition of noise and period tracking as well as fun new watch faces.

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Let it be said, Apple will never forget to remind you its Apple Watch is the best selling smartwatch out there. This year’s WWDC is no exception. At today’s keynote, Apple’s Kevin Lynch took the stage to reveal all the updates we can expect to see in watchOS 6, and therefore, the Apple Watch Series 5 later this fall.

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