Your First Look At Hasbro’s Gigantic Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Ultrazord Set

Your First Look At Hasbro’s Gigantic Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Ultrazord Set

You know the deal with Power Rangers. You start off with the individual zords. You combine them into a megazord. And then, as the threats get bigger and the stakes get higher, you slap on even more zords until you have a giant robot that is an unholy mess of multicolored mecha marvelousness. Beast Morphers is there now, and Gizmodo has a look at the toy version!

Just revealed as part of the Power Rangers panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the Beast-X Ultrazord Ultimate Collection Pack is exclusively releasing through Amazon later this year, and is a fun way for fans of Beast Morphers to get every one of the available Zord figures from the show, plus a little something extra, in one package.

That little something extra is an elevator platform accessory, adjustable up to a height of 10-inches, which serves as a handy way to display the included 1.5inch-tall figurines of the Beast Morphers team: the original trio of Beast Morphers Red, Blue, and Yellow, and then the recent additions to the team in the form of Beast Morphers Gold and Beast Morphers Silver (who, fun fact for those who’ve not been following along, is actually a robot ranger, one of the team’s Beast Bot pals, named Steel! Fun.)

As well as the figurines and the platform, fans also, of course, get each of the Beast Morphers’ combining Zords”Beast Wheeler, Beast Chopper, Beast Jet, Beast Racer, and Beast Wrecker”not only can they combine into multiple forms either on their own into alternate forms or together as the usual Megazord, fans will be able to combine all five into the Beast-X Ultrazord, clocking in at a hefty 15-inches tall, to boot.

The Beast-X Ultrazord Ultimate Collection Pack will set you back a morphenomenal $US160 ($226) when it releases this spring, exclusively through Amazon.