This Optimus Prime Ghostbusters Toy Is Too Much Fun

This Optimus Prime Ghostbusters Toy Is Too Much Fun

I have no idea whose idea it was to make Ghostbusters themed Transformers but, to that person or people, we’d like to give you an old tip of the cap.

This week, one of the stand out exclusive toys coming to Hasbro’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con is the MP-10G Optimus Prime Ecto 35. Or, in plain English, an Optimus Prime that looks like the car in Ghostbusters. Why? Who cares why?

It’s two of my favourite ‘80s brands and it was something I knew I had to have. Thankfully, I expressed that desire to Hasbro who sent me a free sample to check out and it was instantly one of my favourite toys ever.

We’ll start with the packaging which is basically a wearable proton pack. You read that right. The package has a proton pack design on one side and it comes with straps that you can put around your shoulders to wear. Here are some photos.

Packaging side A

Packaging side B

Once you open the package, the first thing you notice are all the accessories included. There’s a little Slimer from Ghostbusters, a Matrix of Leadership from Transformers, Optimus Prime’s gun, and an Autobot roller… that’s in the shape of a Ghost Trap. Wins all around.

All the accessories when you open the box

The Ghost Trap Autobot Roller


It’s also far from just a simple choice between leaving Optimus in truck form or robot form. You can put Slimer in the roller, you can put Optimus in the trailer, he can wear a proton pack, the trailer turns into a gun, it’s almost overwhelming how many options they are. For me though, I went simple. I wanted to turn Optimus Prime into a Ghostbuster.

The 26 step transformation was relatively easy, though the instructions are rather small and sometimes hard to read. But, once it was done, I was excited about what I had created.

Optimus transformed into robot mode.

Then, the pièce de résistance: Putting a proton pack and blaster on him to go full Ghostbuster.

A few short steps later and voila, it was done.

The proton pack on the top of the trailer. It pops off easily.

Side view, attached to gun with wires.

Like most toys of this size and detail, the pieces are a little bit fragile. Optimus’ finger popped off as I was putting the gun in his hand and a few times, I was worried I was gonna snap something off as I transformed him. But, that’s kind of par for the course.

The mostly finished product.

The set retails for $US150 ($212) which is expensive but, if you are a fan of Transformers and or Ghostbusters and have the means, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this very fun, detailed set. I mean, even the instructions are filled with cool tidbits.

Quick image from the instruction booklet.

Now I have to decide do I keep him in robot form? Back into truck form? And do I need to pick up the other Ghostbusters Transformers that are coming out? Such big decisions.

The MP-10G Optimus Prime Ecto 35 is available at Hasbro’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con. If you aren’t heading to the con, they also usually sell some afterward on their website, Hasbro Pulse. The website does not offer Australian shipping, but as we’ve mention in the past, there’s always ways around that.