There’s A $280 Jurassic Park Shaving Can Full of Dinosaur Embryos You Can Buy

There’s A $280 Jurassic Park Shaving Can Full of Dinosaur Embryos You Can Buy

Forget dinosaur toys. Jurassic Park fans can finally add this little gem to their collection which is far more fun – Dennis Nedry’s Barbasol can.

The traitorous little bastard’s ingenious solution for smuggling dinosaur embryos off the island has been recreated by Chronicle Collectibles and is now available for pre-order.

Jurassic Park’s Cryo-can has been replicated using the “original screen-used prop, with an all-metal interior construction cradling 15 embryonic storage cartridges, safely hidden by a retro facade, and topped with a plastic cap.”

The price tag is a modest $US199 ($286) and the great news is that it ships internationally! It might even turn up on Popcultcha, seeing as they’re one of Chronicle’s Australian stockists.

Pre-ordering from Chronicle Collectibles will net you a Dennis Nedry’s park access badge. Here are the finer details for your perusal:

  • Officially licensed by Universal Studios
  • Chronicle Exclusive: Direct orders from our site will receive Dennis Nedry’s park access badge.
  • Internal embryo chassis can be activated to raise up as seen in the film
  • Aluminum and metal construction
  • Plastic Cap
  • Retro label
  • 10 individually-labeled dinosaur embryo housings
  • Recreated using the original screen-used prop stored in the NBCUniversal archives.
  • *No actual cooling or shaving cream dispensing functionality implied or included*

It’s a shame about the lack of shaving cream, but if that hasn’t deterred you, head over to Chronicle Collectibles to pre-order now.

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