Some Of The Best No Contract SIM-Only Phone Plans In Australia

Some Of The Best No Contract SIM-Only Phone Plans In Australia
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Most telcos would love to tie you up with a contract. Six months. 12 months. 24 months. It doesn’t matter, as long as they get their recurring revenue. But that’s not for everyone.

What if a better value phone plan comes along? A plan with loads more data? What if you’re just not just ready for that kind of relationship?

Fortunately, there are a whole host of excellent no-contract SIM-only phone plans for you to keep it casual with.

If a better deal comes around, you can bail whenever without the early exit fees or an awkward break-up date. And hey, Telstra’s latest plan refresh means there are some hot new options worth considering.

So, if you’d prefer an open relationship with your telco, here are some of our favourite no-contract postpaid phone plans.

No-contract phone plans with at least 30GB

If you’re after a no-contract SIM-only plan with at least 30GB, TeleChoice – powered by the Telstra network – is one of your cheapest options at $39 per month.

You might want to consider Belong for a dollar more per month if you make calls overseas regularly. You’ll get 30GB for $40 per month on the Telstra network, and unlimited international talk and text to 33 selected countries. Belong plans also include data rollover, which means you bring over any unused data to your next billing month. You can even drop down to a cheaper plan if you end up with a large stash.

Telstra’s new $60 SIM-only plan is a good option if you want even more data, thanks to a 60GB inclusion with no-excess usage charges. While there are cheaper ways to get a 60GB plan, all of these require you to commit to a contract.

No-contract phone plans with at least 5GB

If you don’t need quite as much data or if you’re looking for a cheaper plan, there are plenty of options worth considering too.

Vaya is one of the cheapest options here, with a 6GB SIM-only plan for $24 per month. However, spending $1 extra per month will get you Belong’s 10GB plan. In addition to having more data, Belong’s plans also include data rollover.

And if you’re okay with spending a little bit more again, TeleChoice has a $29 per month plan with 15GB.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.