Grab A Switch Lite For $288

Grab A Switch Lite For $288
Image: Nintendo

It’s been less than a week since the Nintendo Switch Lite was announced but there’s already a pricing war for pre-order sales available. While Nintendo was offering the new release for $329.95, it seems retailers are doing what they do best: undercutting the bejeezus out of Nintendo for our benefit.

Both Amazon Australia and Harvey Norman are offering pre-order sales for the Nintendo Switch Lite for $288 (for Prime members) and $298, respectively.

You can nab yourself the handheld in all three colours: turquoise, yellow or grey, if you’re feeling a bit normcore.

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Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee means if any retailers manage to crack the $288 mark, Amazon will match it and take off a further $10, which is pretty outstanding.

While the Switch Lite doesn’t offer all the fun of the big daddy Switch (like the actual display ‘switch-ing’ feature), you can still pick up this model for cheap to enjoy all the great games Nintendo have to offer.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be unleashed on Australians on 20 September.

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