The Google Pixel 4 Camera Bump Is THICC

The Google Pixel 4 Camera Bump Is THICC

Image: Jonas Daehnert on Twitter

It’s phone leak season, and this year Google has even been getting in on the fun by leaking its own stuff because why not?

While the latest image to hit the web isn’t from Google itself, it sure is striking fear into the hearts of Pixel fans.

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The latest leak comes courtesy of Slashleaks, which has unveiled an absolute unit of a camera array for the Pixel 4. We’re pretty sure you can see this chonker from space:

This certainly doesn’t seem to be the sleek and chic bump that Google itself unveiled last month:

We really hope that it doesn’t look this bad in real life. Perhaps Google can release another official leak to refute it? Please!?

The leak also doesn’t add much to our current Pixel 4 knowledge. So far there have been rumours of a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB RAM and perhaps a triple lens setup on that big boi bump.

You can also expect it to ship with Android Q.

In the meantime, pray for the Pixel.