Facebook’s Aussie Slang Bot Is Shithouse

Facebook’s Aussie Slang Bot Is Shithouse

This week Facebook unleashed Bruce the Aussie Slang Bot on the world.

Designed to help tourists (and anyone who has NFI what we’re saying at any given time), it enables users to type in Aussie slang words and terms so it can translate our garbage take on the English language.

We asked the office to offer its best Aussie slang to see if Bruce was up the challenge. Despite having over 1,000 slang terms under his belt, Bruce is missing some key phrases that shape the modern Australian vernacular.

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While he knew the likes of ‘arvo’, ‘bludge’ and ‘schnitty’, he was more clueless when it comes to some of our more colourful colloquialisms.

He was glaringly unaware of the following:

  • We’re not here to fuck spiders: Not here to waste time
  • Gronk: Idiot, dickhead
  • fuckwit: As above
  • Nose beer: Cocaine
  • Flat out like a lizard drinking: Working hard
  • Derro: A derelict looking person
  • Pissbolt: To move quickly
  • Punch on: A fight
  • Billy: A bong
  • Crack the shits: To get really angry
  • Tightarse: Someone who is cheap or careful with money
  • Shithouse: Something that is bad
  • Punch a dart: Smoke a cigarette
  • Root: Sex
  • Piece of piss: Easy
  • Macca’s: McDonald’s

To be fair, most of those are NSFW, so it makes sense for them not to be readily available where kids could see them.

And to old mate Bruce’s credit he did manage to understand ‘hard yakka’, ‘mad as a cut snake’ and ‘bush doof’.

He also kept asking if I ‘go off’ when the chat went idle…

Facebook’s Aussie Slang Bot Is Shithouse

Considering what goes on with the latter we’re wondering what Bruce has been getting up to during his weekends…