You Can Still Get A Pixel 3 + 100GB Data For Only $69

You Can Still Get A Pixel 3 + 100GB Data For Only $69
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Optus sure loves a $69 deal, and frankly so do we.

This time around the telco is offering a whopping 100GB of data to go with one hell of a handset, the Google Pixel 3.

The Google Pixel 3a Fuccs

The Google Pixel 3 was a contentious handset when it launched last year.<br /> A good phone to be sure, but the price was a touch high for incremental upgrades to what the Pixel 2 was already packing. But Google wasn't done. Last month it came in hot with its lite version of the device.

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This deal gets you a whole heap of data, as well as unlimited talk and text.

While there isn’t any roaming inclusions, you will get an Optus Sport subscription.

$69 Pixel 3 Deal

If you’d prefer the big daddy Google Pixel 3 XL (which we are big fans of) it will only cost you an extra $10, bringing the cost to $79 a month for the handset and the same amount of data.

$79 Pixel 3 XL Deal

Sure, the Google Pixel 4 will be out soon, but this is a damn fine deal if you’re after a reliable phone and a high data cap.

The Google Pixel 3 Is Rugged AF

Something you should know about me is that I'm a klutz. One of the nicknames that my parents bestowed upon me during childhood was 'Super Spiller'. The other was 'Possum'. I've never been able to shake either moniker. My penchant for dropping shit has carried over into adulthood, and has resulted in a myriad of cracked and waterlogged phones over the years. Yeah, I even dropped an iPhone 4 in a toilet once. Okay, twice. When it comes to handsets I'm a walking stress test - a fact that was reinforced when I recently took a Google Pixel 3 XL on an 18km hike in the Blue Mountains.

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