Axe-Hammers, Heat Hawks, And More Of The Sharpest Merch Of The Week

Axe-Hammers, Heat Hawks, And More Of The Sharpest Merch Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular roundup of the nerdy accoutrements tempting us into draining our bank accounts. This week: an Iron Man helmet with a sinister twist, an electric Thor Figure, and… a very awkward way to cut up your veggies in the kitchen, via Mobile Suit Gundam. Check it out!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Gamerverse The Punisher Electronic Helmet

Based on The Punisher’s appearance in the Marvel Future Fight video game where he dons a customised version of War Machine’s armour, this helmet joins the Marvel Legends Series line of cosplay-err, role-play gear, complete with glowing red LED-powered eyes and sound effects.

Available in October for $198 (but available for pre-order now from Zing Pop Culture) the wearable helmet features a magnetic detachable faceplate that triggers lights and sound effects whenever it’s removed or reattached.

Mafex Avengers: Infinity War Thor Figure

Medicom’s line of 6″ Avengers continues to assemble, and now it’s got a totally badass version of Thor to add to its ranks. Set for release in February 2020 for around $135, the 6.3″-tall figure is based on his appearance in Infinity War’s final battle. But it’s not the fabric cape, Stormbreaker, swappable chestpiece and arms (and eyepatch-wearing head!) to replicate his look from earlier in the film that’s impressive about this figure.

It’s all the extra lightning effects you get and the alternate headpiece of Thor’s eyes as pure energy, that really kick this figure up a notch, representing the God of Thunder at his peak.

Now, the real question is: When are you doing an Endgame version, cowards!? [Toyark]

Lego Obi-Wan’s Hut and Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder Sets

Aside from show exclusives, Lego also uses San Diego Comic-Con to introduce sets slated to hit shelves in the months following the convention. Such is the case with these new 236-piece Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder and 200-piece Obi-Wan’s Hut sets.

You won’t actually be able to buy them until January 2020 for around $45 each – and with no confirmed Australian pricing or release, you might have to purchase these overseas. Neither set appears to break much new ground, although the Landspeeder finally wraps Luke in his stylish, desert-chic cloak.

Amenoma Gutstav Chef’s Knife

Ever wanted to marry your allegiance to Zeon with your love of slicing things in the kitchen? Well, Hyogo Prefecture’s Amenoma has got you covered with this actual chef’s knife (not, we must be explicitly clear, a prop replica: it’s a proper bit of kitchenwear!), made up to look like a Zaku’s Heat Hawk axe from Mobile Suit Gundam.

It’s not an official piece of Gundam merch – Amenoma calls it a Gustave KG-06, but from the coloration to the design, it’s a pretty obvious replication of the superheated axe used in mecha melee combat by the forces of Mobile Suit Gundam’s rebellious space colony, the principality of Zeon.

You can even get it in Zaku Green, Gouf Blue, and Char Red, for good measure (bet the Char one slices cabbage three times faster than the usual Zaku!). Should you want to slice away at your ingredients Mobile-Suit style, it’ll set you back a pretty penny: the Gustav starts at around $560 for the green version, with pretending to be Char costing you an eye-watering $688. [SoraNews24]