A Wild Samsung Galaxy Fold Appeared!

A Wild Samsung Galaxy Fold Appeared!

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has had rather a rocky launch, to say the least, but it may just be that the time spent waiting for the phone to actually launch may be coming to an end. We think, anyway, because someone’s been spotted using one of the handsets out in public.

Now you’ll remember that the Galaxy Fold didn’t actually hit the launch phase. The only phones sent out into the wild were sent to journalists, and those were all supposedly recalled after those screen defects kept popping up. Because of those problems no consumer actually managed to purchase one, which makes the story of this one spotted on the New Delhi Metro rather intriguing. Where did this person get the phone?

It’s impossible to tell whether this is an original model or the one with the improved design Samsung has been promising us for a few months now. The easiest explanation is that this guy is a reviewer who managed to not send his phone back, but having dealt with marketing companies in the past they’re not fond of abandoning expensive kit if they can help it. I can only assume that’s doubly true for kit that was recalled due to serious design faults.

Or maybe this is the improved Fold and this man is associated with Samsung somehow. After all, the company can’t be sure the defects have been fixed unless they put the phones in the hands of real people, especially since its in-house robots are apparently too good at folding to properly gauge how easily the screen might break.

Who knows at this point, but with the next Galaxy Unpacked less than a month away we better start hearing some news soon.

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This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.