Watch Krysten Ritter Kick Arse In Front Of -- And Behind -- Jessica Jones' Camera

Krysten Ritter offers notes to Carrie-Anne Moss in a new behind-the-scenes still from Jessica Jones’ final season. (Photo: Netflix)

Jessica Jones’ third season isn’t just the final farewell of both Alias Investigations and the Marvel-Netflix partnership at large, it’s an interesting evolution for star Krysten Ritter, who found herself stepping up to direct an episode for the first time. As this new featurette shows, it’s clear she had a blast.

Netflix has dropped a cool little video about Ritter’s move behind the camera for Jessica Jones this season, helming an episode that moves the focus away from Jess and onto Trish Walker as she continues her intriguing spiral into a life with powers. A perfect opportunity for Ritter herself to take the helm!

While the featurette doesn’t delve too deeply into the episode itself, beyond the fact that it’s Trish-focused, there are some moments of Ritter directing the action (to the delight of the cast and crew around her) that are really fun. Given her history with the character and show at this point, it’ll be interesting to see what her directorial eye brings to Jessica Jones when it returns to Netflix one last time on June 14.

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