The Jurassic Park Theme Performed By The Vitamin String Quartet, Set Against A 16-Bit Video Game, Is Everything

A still from the new video by the Vitamin String Quartet. (Image: Vitamin String Quartet)

Video: Let’s run down the list. We love Jurassic Park. We love John Williams’ music to Jurassic Park. We love 16-bit trailer adaptations. We love weddings. And we love the Vitamin String Quartet, the popular classical ensemble known for covering pop songs and pop culture music.

Take all those things, cram them into a single video, and you have the perfect way to spend your next five minutes.

We are excited to exclusively debut the latest music video by the Vitamin String Quartet for John Willams’ theme to Jurassic Park.

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It’s off the group’s latest album, Geek Wedding Forever - Vol.3, and you can watch it right here.

In case you missed it, that’s a bride and groom as the main characters in the video, in keeping with the album’s wedding theme.

For more on VSQ, including more wonderful videos such as this, visit the group’s official site.

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