That Theme Park Ride Going Viral Right Now Is Totally Fake

That Theme Park Ride Going Viral Right Now Is Totally Fake

Have you seen video of that theme park ride that’s been going viral? Not to pop anyone’s balloon, but the video is totally fake. It’s a great computer-generated animation.

The video is based on a real ride called the Gyro Drop at the South Korean amusement park Lotte World. But the viral video has been created using computer animation.

The actual Gyro Drop, as you can see from countless YouTube videos, is much shorter and not nearly as dangerous-looking.

Where did the CGI video of the Gyro Drop come from? That’s still a mystery, unfortunately.

Some of the earliest tweets of the fake video came from Thai Twitter users on June 13. One user has racked up 1.67 million views, but there’s nothing in his social media accounts that takes credit for creating the video. Another early poster with a lot of views deleted the video for unknown reasons.

The video is still going viral on Twitter as it’s ripped and reposted from account to account.

What appears to be the earliest YouTube upload of the video comes from June 13 as well, published by a user named ecstasythailand. That YouTube user doesn’t have many videos, and what others there are appear to be short movie and TV rips from other sources — not original animations. Thus, it seems unlikely that ecstasythailand created the video.

So the creator remains a mystery for now. The first step is identifying that something is fake, but it would be much more satisfying to understand who made it and why.