Reddittor Wonders: Should I Just Give Elon My Money?

I know there’s sort of a stereotype about a certain sort of painfully obsessed Tesla fan/Elon Musk worshipper that is, likely, an unfair categorization of most Tesla fans. But then you see something like this recent discussion on Reddit’s r/TeslaMotors forum, and you remember that, oh yeah, sometimes stereotypes do come from somewhere.

The OP has since deleted their original proposal, likely once they saw the resulting backlash, but quick screengrabbers like this noted Tesla-watcher were there to once again prove that the Internet Never Forgets:

So, if you read that, you can see that Tesla-Tesla there is wondering if maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea for Tesla owners who use Tesla’s planned Uber-competing ridesharing app to make some extra money to just, you know, give Tesla half or more of the money they’d make giving people rides?

Here’s how Tesla-Tesla puts it:

“Let’s say Tesla takes a minimum of 30%, but allows you in the app’s setting to allow Tesla to take upwards of 90%. Would you be willing to give them 50%, 75%? Keep in mind, you are still spending your time driving behind the wheel at this point...

...if a large enough group was willing to let Tesla take 50% or more, that would be pure profit to the company and could really boost quarterly financials and the stock price...”

The part about the stock price is interesting, too, since they self-identify as a “Tesla investor,” which suggests that perhaps they’re not so much a delusional tool of Elon Musk as he is a savvy, cunning investor.

All they have to do is convince every Tesla owner to work to make money for the company for free and, boom, cha-ching, baby! The company is profitable, and Tesla-Tesla cleans up! The stock price goes up, and then they make a lot of money! That they then puts back into Tesla! Genius! A self-perpetuating cycle!

There’s also mentions in there about how it’ll help give data for the eventual coming of Full Self Driving (FSD) robo-taxis and private cars, to help that happen sooner.

Essentially, this poster is just asking if anyone who owns a Tesla would be up to just, you know, work as, essentially, an Uber driver and give Tesla at least half or maybe even all the money earned? Because why not work for free for a for-profit company?

What the hell is happening to people? Whatever happened to just getting into stupid fights over carmaker brand loyalty and stabbing one another occasionally? I think I respect that a lot more than being some poor deluded sap that’s seriously considering just giving a for-profit private company their own money right from their pockets.

The discussion about the original post certainly has many people who are not so delusional to think this is something that makes any sense, though there are a disturbing number of patsies on there who seem to be willing to consider it:

...though that commenter is doubly delusional if they think Tesla will “clean the car.”

Others are less into the idea:

Reality is so fucking weird right now.

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