Every Telstra Plan For LG’s Dual Screen V50 5G Phone

Every Telstra Plan For LG’s Dual Screen V50 5G Phone
Image: LG

LG’s first 5G phone is now available in Australia. Buying it outright will set you back over $1,700, so if you’d prefer to grab it on a plan, we have them all here for you.

LG's Wild Dual-Screen 5G Phone Just Dropped In Australia

The 5G train continues to chug along as yet another new device gets launched in Australia. LG has now joined the party with its dual-screen V50 ThinQ 5G that is absolutely not reminiscent of a foldable without it actually being a foldable. Here's everything you need to know.

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Like every other 5G product right now, it’s only available through Telstra.

It comes with a 6.4-inch QHD+ OLED primary display, a dual rear camera setup (12MP and 16MP wide-angle), dual selfie cameras (8MP and 5MP wide-angle) and both a fingerprint scanner and facial recognition.

The second OLED display comes in at 6.2-inches to create a faux foldable effect for multi-tasking and gaming. It’s removable and comes for free with the main device

As for the specs we’re looking at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, X50 5G model with Wi-Fi 6 support, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage and a 4,000mAh battery.

As with all of the new 5G plans from Telstra we advise against the cheapest, which is still $114 a month for a mere 3GB data that cam be easiy blown through. An extra $10 a month gets you 20GB a month, which is a much better deal.

If you want to go all out, Telstra is offering its ‘Unlimited’ plan at the same price it does on all of its plans – $199 a month for unlimited data, as well as local calls and texts.

This leaves the Samsung S10 5G as the most expensive 5G device to get on a plan in Australia right now. It starts at a huge $141 a month for the aforementioned 3GB data.

The cheapest is the Oppo Reno, which starts at $99 a month for the same plan. This is the only sub-$100 5G phone plan currently available in Australia.