Even More Black Widow Set Pictures Tease A Mysterious Villain

Even More Black Widow Set Pictures Tease A Mysterious Villain

The casting rumours for The Eternals just keeps getting more intriguing. Legends of Tomorrow’s next season is bringing in some tots. Noah Hawley says his Doctor Doom movie is still on the table. Plus, what’s to come on Krypton, a viral new teaser for Stranger Things’ return, and new teases from Spider-Man: Far From Home and Watchmen. Spoilers, assemble!

Black Widow

New set photos from Black Widow reveal a mysterious, costumed character several outlets suggest may be Taskmaster, Spymaster, Darkhawk, Night Thrasher, or a host of other nefarious Masked Marvel Mercenaries. Looks like Blue Streak, if you ask me.

The Eternals

Salma Hayek is in early talks to join the cast of Marvel’s Eternals in a currently undisclosed role. [THR]

Enola Holmes

Helena Bonham Carter will play the mother of Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola in a film adaptation of Nancy Springer’s book series focusing on the adventures of Sherlock and Mycroft’s younger sister. No, not the evil one. The other one.

Doctor Doom

Speaking with THR, Noah Hawley revealed he recently held a meeting to discuss the “surreal,” “musical” potential of the MCU, while confirming his long-discussed Doctor Doom movie is still on the table:

I did sit down with [Marvel Studios’ president] Kevin Feige recently and I said that I look at myself as sort of the Marvel R&D department. I know the genre can do all of these amazing things that [the Marvel Cinematic Universe] is doing, but my feeling is, what else can we do with it? Can we make it surreal? Can we make it musical? Not as a gimmick, but all of these techniques are about putting you into the subjective experience of these characters.

… I wrote a script about Doctor Doom, an antihero story I really like, and we’re still talking about making it. I’m trying to get out from under this movie I made and this last season of Legion, and Fargo is coming back up… but for better or worse, these are the stories we want to hear right now.

I think you can bury your head in the sand and say, ‘That’s unfortunate for our culture because they’re simplistic.’ Some people say that. I don’t look at it that way. I think they are morality tales on a larger scale, and it’s better to be part of the conversation than pretend the conversation isn’t happening.

Victor Von Doom’s Phantom of the Opera, coming 2025?

Avengers 5

Samuel L. Jackson also discussed the likelihood of Nick Fury putting together a new Avengers team in a recent interview with Cinema Blend.

I always think that there’s room for every kind of story to be told. And at some point, they’re going to have to put together another Avengers group of some sorts to deal with whatever’s coming next.

Nick [Fury] knows something is coming, the same way he found out in Captain Marvel that there are other things that need to be dealt with that I didn’t know about. This is moving us to another place.


Chris Rock’s Saw reboot begins filming next week, according to a tweet from Darren Bousman.

It: Chapter 2/Salem’s Lot

Screenwriter Gary Dauberman recently spoke to THR about It: Chapter 2’s goriest scene.

I think that’s Andy [Muschetti] pushing it to the brink; he has a great relationship with [Jessica] Chastain. But, yeah, that’s definitely Andy. I know the particular scene you’re talking about, and there’s no way to do it without a ton of blood. Knowing Andy, he always takes things and multiplies them, which is what you want out of your director. It’s pretty incredible.

In the same interview, Dauberman also discussed adapting Stephen King’s “unwieldy” Salem’s Lot into a two-hour screenplay.

I like to be as true to the story as I possibly can until it gets a little too unwieldy for a movie. I’m very, very excited to be a part of that and tackle it. It hasn’t had the big screen treatment yet, which is how I felt about It. It’s so fun to play around with vampires and make something truly scary with vampires. I haven’t seen that in a long, long time, and I’m excited for people to see it.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Mysterio doesn’t like Peter’s new sunglasses in the latest Far From Home TV spot.

Elsewhere, a set photo from Jon Watts reveals how Tom Holland stays hydrated on set.

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The Lion King

Rakifi galvanizes Simba in another new Lion King TV spot.

The Flash

TV Line’s Matt Webb Mitovich reports The Flash is now casting “a socially awkward, African-American genius in maths and science (who specifically is a bit obsessed with aliens and their tech).”

Legends of Tomorrow

When asked if the new season of Legends of Tomorrow would include any babies or pregnancies for May sweeps, showrunner Phil Klemmer answered, “No – although we’re planning on many, many, multiple children in season five. Not a joke. Totally for real.” [TV Line]


Watchmen’s official Instagram added three new vague teasers about… vigilantism, I suppose?

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General Zod rules over Kandor in the trailer for “Danger Close,” next week’s episode of Krypton.

Stranger Things

Finally, Cary Elwes invites you to his 4th of July Summer Spectacular in a viral video for Stranger Things’ third season.

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