Batwoman’s Beginnings And Arrow’s End Start This October

Batwoman’s Beginnings And Arrow’s End Start This October

Looking forward to basically every show in the DC-CWniverse except Legends of Tomorrow (although, why would you not look forward to Legends, you monster)? If you’re in the United States, you’re in luck – but the rest of us will have to wait a little bit longer. So, what’s in store?

The CW has announced its roster of returns for this year’s TV slate, with a host of returning and new shows coming in throughout October in the United States. Kicking off our Monday, October 7 with a double dose of DC women in the fifth season of Supergirl and Batwoman’s debut—pretty much every day of the week save for Monday is going to have something that’s a) for genre fans and b) filled with the impossibly dazzling twentysomethings every CW show is filled with.

Wednesday, October 9 will see the debuts of The Flash’s sixth season as well as the premiere of the new Nancy Drew show, with Arrow joining them for its final season beginning the week after on October 16.

l and the second season of vampiric spinoff-of-a-spinoff Legacies, both kicking off on Friday, October 11.

Charmed returns for a suitably spellbinding second season on Saturday October 12, and lastly those empty, genre-less Mondays will become slightly less empty starting October 22, when Black Lightning rejoins the roster for its third season.

Stay tuned for local premiere announcements.