Tom Holland Still Hasn’t Seen Empire Strikes Back, Somehow

Tom Holland Still Hasn’t Seen Empire Strikes Back, Somehow

From LEGO Death Stars to name-dropping those “walker-thingies”, it’s clear the Peter Parker of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a bit of a Star Wars nerd. But despite the galaxy far, far away being a recurring thread for the MCU’s Spider-Man, Tom Holland himself still hasn’t seen the iconic film his cinematic counterpart loves.

Speaking to press last winter between takes on the set of Peter Parker’s European holiday in Spider-Man: Far From Home about the spy-fi underpinnings of Nick Fury’s role in the movie, Holland let slip the shocking revelation that Peter’s film geek cred is not a trait he shares personally. It’s actually something that Avengers and Captain America directors Joe and Anthony Russo envisioned for the character.

“That’s kind of a Russo thing, that joke,” Holland admitted. “The movie reference stuff. It’s so funny — the two films I referenced in the movies, the first one is Empire Strikes Back and the second one is Aliens… and I haven’t seen either of those movies!”

To be fair, Holland has spent his acting and dancing career from a young age being monstrously busy, so it’s perfectly reasonable that he’s not had as much time to watch as many movies as Peter has. Or at least, did before becoming the amazing Spider-Man.

But the movie reference gags aren’t the only things the actor feels are different when it comes to the work he did with the Russos — Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame — and his experiences with Jon Watts on Homecoming and Far From Home.

“The Avengers movies feel so removed from what we were doing in Homecoming, and Far From Home especially, because our films are about people who are so grounded in reality,” the actor mentioned.

“When you get into the world of the Avengers, it’s a complete opposite show. You have characters from all over the galaxy mixing with each other. And it’s a very different feel on set, because you have people who are blue and green — Iron Man and stuff. It’s pretty crazy.”

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