This Concept Artist Made A Danny DeVito-Inspired Detective Pikachu Design

Pikachu is the cutest child. (Image: Warner Bros.)

When the Detective Pikachu movie was announced, a fan campaign emerged insisting that Pikachu was born to be voiced by Danny DeVito. Turns out, it wasn’t only the fans—the movie’s concept artists got in on the campaign, too.

RJ Palmer, a concept artist at Ubisoft who got a job on the Detective Pikachu movie for his quest to design realistic-looking Pokemon, worked on early designs of the hat-wearing, mystery solving electric mouse. And one of his designs for that Pikachu? Totally Danny DeVito.

Look at that scowl, that laugh. That ain’t Ryan Reynolds, y’all. And while Reynolds was probably a better fit for the story they told, we at least will always have this. Thank you, Mr. Palmer, for this DeVito Pikachu. We accept it gladly.

Detective Pikachu is still in theatres, I think.

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