Samsung Galaxy Fold Probably Delayed Again

Samsung Galaxy Fold Probably Delayed Again

It’s been over a month since Samsung officially delayed the launch of the Galaxy Fold.

And while June had been pegged for the release, it looks like it is most likely being delayed again.

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The product release was originally pushed back after several reviewers in the U.S. reported defects with the device back in April.

On May 9 Samsung CEO DJ Koh stated that a reschedule plan would be publicly released over the coming weeks.

The company also assured customers who had pre-ordered a Galaxy Fold that they would be refunded if the device had not shipped by May 31.

Details around a further delay have originated from Korean site Yonhap News, which claims that a source revealed that the issues are taking longer to rectify than originally thought.

Considering the documentation of the problems with the devices on social media, this makes a lot of sense.

An with May drawing to a close its looking highly likely that this speculation is correct. A statement from Samsung also seems to confirm the delay. “The release schedule has not been decided, and we are in a position to announce the launch schedule in a few weeks.”

The vagueness and lack of hard details certainly seems to point to a post-June release. There is no indication whether Australia will get the Fold at the same time.

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