In The Creepy New Trailer For Dark Season 2, A Sinister Cycle Begins Again

Things aren’t looking good down in Winden. (Image: Netflix)

That’s the thing about time travel shenanigans—everything that happened before will happen again, and whatnot. But at least this time around there’s a few intriguing additions to the German drama Dark’s spooky middle chapter.

Netflix has just dropped a new trailer for Dark’s second “cycle.” The original season, which blew up on the streaming platform back in 2017, followed four families in the fictional German town of Winden, as investigations into a spate of child disappearances led to the uncovering of strange connections to events across time and space that had plagued the town in the 1950s and ‘80s.

While this trailer is only slightly less cryptic than our previous look at the season, it does confirm one thing—there’ll be three “cycles” to Dark’s story, meaning this second season is now the middle chapter of a trilogy. So at least we know there’ll be a definitive end to the mystery of whatever’s going down in Winden, even if we’re not going to get any hints of where it’ll all head just yet.

What’s it all leading to for now, though? The new trailer gives us a little hint, and the answer’s not great—it’s downright apocalyptic. And we won’t have to wait all that long to learn more, since Dark’s second season drops June 21 on Netflix.

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