How Preferential Voting Works (So You Don’t Vote For A Shit Party)

How Preferential Voting Works (So You Don’t Vote For A Shit Party)

It’s election day, which means you really need to start thinking about how you’re going to vote – if you haven’t already.

If you’re not keen on voting within the confines of a two party system, but aren’t sure how to make your vote count, it’s time to learn about preferential voting! Lesson one – don’t draw a dick on your ballot.

Honest Government Ad Reminds Us How Messed The Last Six Years Have Been

With mere weeks to go until the Federal Election, Honest Government Ads is back to remind us of all the highly questionable the government and its 47 prime ministers have done over the past six years. Spend the next five minutes simultaneously laughing and crying over precious memories like Robo-debt, child poverty, refugee treatment, banks writing royal commissions into themselves and that $49 million Captain Cook statue.

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That’s right, here in Australia (unlike the U.S and UK) preferential voting means that you can vote for who you want without it going straight to an old white racist shitlord who worships coal and hates the poor.

The Juice Media is here with its latest Honest Government ad to teach us all about it.

Don’t forget to vote, Australia. And make it count.