Here’s The Last Game Of Thrones Trailer Ever

The end is nigh.

After eight long years we’re finally up to the final episode of Game of Thrones. And that means this is the last episode trailer, too. Here we go.

Those Wild Game Of Thrones Finale Spoilers Are Probably Legit

Earlier this month a massive Game of Thrones spoiler post was published online. It was essentially a laundry list of major plot points and deaths from the final three episodes. As crazy as they sounded... they've all come to fruition. Uh oh.

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If you haven’t watched the most recent episode, I advise that you stop here.

As always, the trailer is really more of a teaser and doesn’t reveal much at all.

But we are treated to a super-concerned Tyrion, Daenerys’ army celebrating their victory over a bunch of innocent people and surrendered soldiers, and the queen herself walking out to address her soldiers with King’s Landing smoldering in the background.

Cool city, bro.

We’re sure there are plenty more deaths to come, and you only have one more week to wait for whatever insane plot twist will come next. Giddy up.