Every Telstra Plan For The 5G Samsung Galaxy S10

Every Telstra Plan For The 5G Samsung Galaxy S10
Image: Sam Rutherford

Samsung’s 5G variant of its flagship Galaxy S10 phone is now available in Australia!

It’s coming to the Telstra network first, and we have every single plan right here.

In regards to the specs the 5G S10 has a 6.7-inch curved AMOLED screen with Infinity-O display (yeah, the hole). It also has a quadruple rear camera setup (12MP telephoto, 12MP wide-angle, 16MP ultra-wide and 3D depth) and a dual front facing cameras (10MP selfie cam and a 3D depth cam).

Down in the guts you’ll find 8GB RAM and a choice between 256GB or 512GB storage, as well as a 4,500mAH battery with super fast wired charging and Fast Wireless Charging 2.0.

When it comes to colour options the 256GB version comes in Crown Silver and Majestic Black. The 512GB comes only in the the black.

Onto the plans!

The 5G S10 is available both on regular and leasing plans. We have included both, but generally aren’t huge fans of the latter. While leasing plans are cheaper, you don’t get to keep the handset at the end of your contract, and it needs to still be in good nick.

There is a $10 difference per month between leasing and regular plans, and while that is an added cost, it’s what we tend to recommend. But hey, you do you!

In general these plans are quite pricey, which is probably to be expected when it comes to the first ever 5G phone in Australia. And if you’re #blessed enough to be in a 5G area (or are looking to be an early adopter) it could be worth it for you.

The 3GB data plans aren’t good value for the price point and the tiny amount of data you’re getting. We recommend starting at least at a 20GB per month plan as it only costs $4 a more a month for an extra 17GB.

Even with these pricey bois the sweet spot seems to be the $99 plan (plus the handset repayment cost) which comes with 50GB data a month. This will set you back $150 a month for the 256GB model and $160 a month for the 512GB model on non-lease plans.

Of course, if you want to go all out Telstra is also offerings its signature unlimited data plan which costs $199 a month across all plans and models. It comes with unlimited data, unlimited national calls and texts and zero handset repayment.

S10 5G 256GB

S10 5G 256GB (Lease)

S10 5G 512GB

S10 5G 512GB (Lease)

If you bought yourself a Galaxy S10 Plus during the eligibility period earlier this year you are entitled to a free upgrade to the S10 5G – but it has to be in the next 21 days. That means you only have until June 18 to snap up the offer, so don’t forget!

It’s currently unclear when the S10 5G will be available to buy outright anytime soon. We’ll let you know once we’ve heard back from Samsung. However, in the U.S. In the U.S. the 256GB variant is $US1,299 and the 512GB is $US1,399.