Captain Jack’s Next Audio Adventure Turns Him Into…Colin Baker?

Captain Jack’s Next Audio Adventure Turns Him Into…Colin Baker?

I mean, John Barrowman does have a love of particularly garish cosplay.

Big Finish has announced a new round of audio adventures in its Doctor Who line — or more specifically, a new volume of The Lives of Captain Jack, a series that imagines what Jack Harkness got up to trotting about time and space as a member of the Time Agency.

Starring John Barrowman once again as Harkness, the new anthology opens with a completely bonkers idea for a tale. “Piece of Mind,” penned by James Goss, sees a dying sixth Doctor — played by the returning Colin Baker — come crashing into Jack’s life, leaving his legacy as well as his infamously technicolored costume for Jack to pick up and carry on. So yes, Jack Harkness is the Doctor. Sort of.

The full cover for the new anthology collection, The Lives of Captain Jack. (Image: Big Finish)

The other two stories in the volume aren’t quite so headline grabby, but still sound pretty intriguing. Guy Adams’ “What Have I Done” sees Jack travel back to World War One to save the life of a wounded soldier stalked by a mysterious entity lurking amid the trenches, while “Driving Miss Wells,” also by Goss, sees Jack tackle the world of Fake News in a universe where Earth is invaded by monsters and aliens at an alarming regularity.

But neither of those things involve Barrowman running around getting to pretend to be the Doctor. Which is pretty damn delightful? The second volume of The Lives of Captain Jack is set to release this June.