Big Ben Costume Left Outside London Pub Briefly, Gets Stolen

Big Ben Costume Left Outside London Pub Briefly, Gets Stolen

The Big Ben London Marathon runner who went viral after having a bit of trouble crossing the finish line has had his costume stolen from outside a pub.

Seasoned runner Lukas Bates was gunning for a new world record for the fastest marathon time achieved by someone dressed as a landmark building. Though he didn’t set a new record, Bates smashed his fundraising targets for Alzheimer’s Research UK (over $12,000!), and ran the marathon in under four hours. That’s seriously impressive, whether you’re dressed as a clock or not.

Following the race, the 10-foot tall costume was briefly left outside The Old Shapes pub near Trafalgar Square where Bates had planned to donate the clock costume to the owner.

But, like most unsecured items left outside in London, the outfit went missing. Shockingly the pub had actual working CCTV cameras installed, which picked up a group of runners nabbing the costume and jogging off with it.

Members of the Ashington Hirst Running Club have since come forth to admit their part in taking the outfit for selfies before unceremoniously dumping it at a different pub nearby. Classy.

Bates says he’s not angry at the runners for taking his costume, he just wants it back so that he can raise more money for charity. What a guy. Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite philanthropist Piers Morgan has offered to donate $1,862 to charity for the costume’s safe return.

Let’s find that costume, people. It’s for a good cause. Piers Morgan does not need all that money.