Aston Martin Built A Bond Themed DBS Superleggera

Image: Aston Martin

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service debuted 50 years ago, and Bond's signature luxury car brand is here to celebrate.

Aston Martin is releasing a special edition DBS Superleggera that is inspired by the glorious metal beast that features in the film.

This is the third in Aston's series of 007-inspired rides - with the Goldfinger DB5 and a DB9 GT Bond edition coming before it.

Painted olive green to match the original, it also sports a bespoke metal grille that featured in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

The interior is equally sexy, featuring trimmed black leather with grey Alcantra accents. The cockpit adds a splash of red for added thirst factor.

Under the hood you'll find a 5.2-litre twin turbo V12 engine which develops 725PS at 6500rpm and 900Nm from 1800-5000rpm. The high performance guts have been paired with a active valves and quad tail pipes in order for it to roar, especially when put into some of the more dynamic modes.

And for those who really want to go Full Bond, there is an option to install a specially designed drinks case into the boot of the vehicle. It has space for two bottles of bubbles and four champagne flutes. Yes please.

Only 50 of the Bond Superleggeras will be sold and they're going to retail for £300,007.00, which is over $550,000 here in Australia. Can someone just buy me one please?

You can feast your eyes on it right here:

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