And Now, Here’s John Boyega Freaking You Out With The Artistic Merging Of Himself With Oscar Isaac

And Now, Here’s John Boyega Freaking You Out With The Artistic Merging Of Himself With Oscar Isaac

Trust me. You are not prepared for what you’re about to see.

Ever since Poe Dameron lustily admired the way his jacket fit Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, both fans and Oscar Isaac and John Boyega have stoked the desires to see two of Star Wars’ new heroes hook up.

Despite a frustrating lack of acknowledgement in the source material itself when it comes to LGBTQ representation (at least in the cinematic version of the galaxy far, far away — thankfully, the tie-in media has begun to diversify in that regard), the actors have responded to fans with a diplomatic acceptance that yes, there’s a significant amount of wonderful art and fiction out there of the two of them in loving embrace, among, err, other things.

That’s lead to all sorts of cute highlights of Isaac and Boyega being champions of “FinnPoe”—or perhaps “StormPilot,” if that shipping portmanteu tickles your fancy—even as the movies have yet to really acknowledge the potential of such a pairing explicitly. But it has also bought us to this frankly disconcerting art that John Boyega recently shared on Instagram.

Is it Oscar Boyega? John Isaac? Finn Dameron? Who can say? And who did this indeed, Mr. Boyega? Seriously though, credit artists, celebrity social media users! The original is by ThatNordicGuy on DeviantArt.

But credit aside, it is indeed an incredibly uncanny melding of the two actors. Enough that, since Boyega then took to his Instagram Story stream to share Oscar Isaac’s reaction to the manipulation, we now cannot stop thinking as Isaac does, and that this is what basically a grown up Poe Dameron/Finn love child would look like:

Screenshot: John Boyega via Charles Pulliam-Moore/Gizmodo, Instagram

Please adjust any and all The Rise of Skywalker theories/fan fiction narratives you have planned accordingly.