A Super Secret Is Hiding In The First Full Trailer For Freaks

A Super Secret Is Hiding In The First Full Trailer For Freaks

A movie title like Freaks says something. It says there are people that are normal and people who are not. From there, the question is: Who’s right? The people who are considered normal or the freaks? That’s just one of many mysteries posed by the latest film called Freaks, this one from Kim Possible directors Adam Stein and Zach Lipovsky. io9 has an exclusive look at the first full trailer right this way…

The film stars Emile Hirsch as a father protecting his daughter Chloe (Lexy Kolker) from what he says is the dangerous world around her. And “protect” is even too simple a term. He forbids her to even dare to interact with the outside world. Freaks premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and finally hits theatres on August 23 in the U.S. Check out the latest look:

There’s also a new teaser poster for the film, which seems to have a real phone number on it, doesn’t it? Hmm. Curious. I wonder what happens if you call?

Anyway, as per the headline, there’s a secret hiding here. Can you guess it? If you read our review of Freaks out of Toronto I mention it because it’s not a huge reveal, but it is an exciting twist you may not be expecting. And, just in case the trailer alone isn’t enough to sell you, we’re gonna talk about it below one of these bad boys.

The “freaks” have superpowers, and that’s the term humanity uses when referring to them, kind of like the world of the X-Men. But, unlike those superhero stories, Freaks handles the situation in a more personal way. It’s a truth that drives a wedge between an overbearing father and a curious daughter. And the way Stein and Lipovsky handle it eventually makes where the story goes that much more emotional and intense. Here’s our full review if you need more convincing.

Freaks Is Like A Great, Independent X-Men Movie

Freaks is the movie version of a flower. It starts small, constricted, and mysterious. But as it grows, it opens up, gets brighter, and reveals itself as something beautiful. Written and directed by Adam Stein and Zach Lipovsky, Freaks is about family, heroes, and society. It’s filled with familiar elements, to be sure, but those are mostly used to buck expectations in order to tell a surprisingly heartfelt sci-fi story.

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Co-starring Bruce Dern, Amanda Crew and Grace Park, Freaks has yet to been announced for an Australian release.