Try A Piece Of ‘Bambi’s Mum’ At This Gourmet Restaurant, You Monster

Try A Piece Of ‘Bambi’s Mum’ At This Gourmet Restaurant, You Monster

Well, when you put it that way, I’m not really hungry anymore. An Australian restaurant has drawn a bit of ire for its new Disney-inspired specialty menu, which includes such classics like the slow-cooked corpse of Bambi’s mother.

As reported by Inside the Magic, chef Nelly Robinson’s restaurant Nel recently started serving its latest immersive eating experience called “Once Upon a Time.”

It’s inspired by classic Disney films like .

And, much like that Game of Thrones sausage brunch, it doesn’t look to be an official partnership with the studio (I hesitate to think what the Mouse would think of this).

The main course, sure to invigorate the senses and horrify your moral core, is called “Bambi’s Mum.” It’s a slow-cooked venison steak served over a bed of blood-red beet juice, and comes with two shell casings filled with seasoning.

What the fuck, Australia?

In a press release, Robinson was described as “a big kid at heart” who “loves nothing more than to bring out the inner child in his guests.” And while I will admit that the presentation is absolutely gorgeous (you can see all the photos here), this is seriously icky.

I don’t eat red meat myself, including venison, but I don’t care when others do. However, I do care when one of Disney’s greatest tragedies is plopped on a plate for us to gawk at and consume. Maybe it’s ultra-clever social commentary, designed to make us empathise with the plight of our own cuisine. Or maybe…it’s just messed up?

Reservations are still available for the 11-course menu, which costs $165 per person (not including the wine pairing). Nel will be running the menu through June 29.