Literally Cooling Your PC With The Kitchen Sink

Literally Cooling Your PC With The Kitchen Sink
Image: Linus Tech Tips (YouTube)

There’s only so much cooling you can do with a case and a radiator. But what if you used the kitchen sink for your overclocking?

That was the question Jake and Alex from the Linus Tech Tips team wanted to answer, primarily because their boss Linus wasn’t around to stop them. So using an Intel i9-7900X – a 10-core CPU that won’t even work without water cooling – two members of the team wanted to see what happened if they hooked up the CPU to the … tap from the kitchen sink.

After some messing around with duct tape and sink fittings, some results began to emerge. After an idle temperature of around 52-56c for all the cores under load, the i9-7900X was idling around 14 degrees. At load, the kitchen sink technique kept the maximum temperature to 40c.

It’s not a very practical method, though. Some quick calculations found the technique would use 150 litres of water every hour.

But hey! If you ever wondered whether this was possible, now you know. For an added laugh, it was possible to use a submersible pump with a bucket to cycle chilled ice water from a bucket to get the temperatures just below zero.

Nothing was actually stable, especially with the submersible pump. And it’s easily the most hideous waste of water possible, but … it kinda works??