Idris Elba Is Black Superman In The New Hobbs & Shaw Trailer

Idris Elba Is Black Superman In The New Hobbs & Shaw Trailer

OK, so if you thought the new Fast and Furious spinoff was just gonna sidestep around the fact it turned its villain (played by Idris Elba) into a genetically enhanced superhuman—because that’s just what this franchise can do now, alongside literally anything else it wants — well, here you go: say hello to Black Superman.

The latest trailer for the action Smörgåsbord that is Hobbs & Shaw pretty much spells out the entire, perfectly simple plot of the movie: Shaw’s sister stole a bioweapon from Elba’s supervillain character, and so Hobbs and Shaw have to save the world.

Also, there’s a haka, because it’s Dwayne Johnson and are you gonna say no to that guy when he says “hey, can we get a haka in here,” and then I guess there are some cars because they still have to kind of do that to be called a Fast and Furious movie.

It’s ridiculous. It’s incredible. It is more ludicrous action than anyone should know what to do with on a Thursday morning. But as an indication of just how completely batshit wild these movies can get in the future—like, say, this but iiiiiiiiin spaaaaaaaaaaace — I’m on board.

Bring forth Black Superman. Also, just cast Idris Elba as Actual Superman in The Suicide Squad while you’re at it, thanks.