Apple Is Making A Small iPhone (Again)

Apple Is Making A Small iPhone (Again)
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Here’s some good news for all the iPhone SE fans out there.

A report has outlined Apple’s plans to release three iPhones in 2020, one of which will be a 5.42-inch smol boi.

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If previous years are any indication, we’re still at least four months away from a new crop of iPhones. But that hasn’t stopped leakers and insiders from dropping clues about some of the new features Apple is allegedly working on, which so far, seem to consist of features that the iPhone’s biggest competitors already have.

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This news was first broken by Digitimes, who reportedly spoke to an unnamed source about the releases.

“But for 2019, Apple will continue to roll out three models following the screen technologies and sizes of the three phones launched in 2018: two OLED models available in 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch screens, and a 6.1-inch LCD model,” the source allegedly confirmed.

The report also rumoured that the some of these models may be fitted with Samsung Display’s Y-Octa or LG Display’s TOE touch technology. The source also apparently said that Samsung is most likely to remain the primary OLED panel supplier for Apple.

If the sizing leak is true, it means that the new mini iPhone will be even smaller that the XS, which comes in at 5.8-inches. However, it also isn’t pushing things as far as the SE and 5C, which were both a mere 4-inches.

It kind of sounds like Apple is attempting to offer a solution to foldables (or is refusing to go in that direction) by releasing a smaller unit, rather than something that simply folds into one. For example, the rear screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is a mere 4.6-inch, but folds out into 7.1-inches.

Meanwhile, the smallest current iPhone is the XS at 5.8 inches. Going back in time, the beloved iPhone SE and 5C were a miniscule 4-inches apiece.

But in a world where large phone screens and foldables are dominating the mobile landscape, do people actually want to go back to tiny handsets?

On the one hand, I like watching Netflix on a decent screen size while I’m on the go, even when I accidentally smash my roaming data. On the other, the sheer size of some phones have become uncomfortable for those of us with smaller hands.

Whether Apple is refusing to change with the times to the point of brand detriment, or whether its actually making a genius decision here remains to be seen.