Tim Cook: Troll

Yesterday Donald Trump managed to bugger up the name of one of the most famous CEOs in the world.

During an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting he referred to Apple's Tim Cook as 'Tim Apple' and it was excellent.

Apparently Cook found it funny, too.

Donald Trump Thinks Tim Cook's Name Is Tim Apple

Yesterday the President of the United States and the CEO of Apple attended an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting. It sure did seem like a regular meeting until Donald Trump forgot Tim Cook's name. Everyone, meet Tim Apple.

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Earlier today the CEO cheekily subtweeted the President by changing his name is Tim Apple on Twitter. Well, technically it's Tim Apple Logo.

Sadly, not everyone will get to enjoy this delightful troll. If you're seeing his name display as 'Tim ' it's because the logo will only show up on iOS devices and computers.

RIP my 'who to follow' suggestions. Bill's fine though.

There's also been a fun faux Tim Apple account floating around.

A big round of applause to Tim Cook for being a good sport and embodying his own meme.

You can see how it was born right here:

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