The Latest Dark Phoenix Trailer Is A Fiery Vision Of Destruction And Rebirth

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey. (Image: Fox)

One of the big things that Simon Kinberg’s upcoming Dark Phoenix instalment needs to get right in order to get out of X-Men: The Last Stand’s shadow is to make its take on Jean Grey’s turn to evil feel like a legitimately world-altering event. The story is, after all, one of the most important part of the X-Men’s history.

The latest Dark Phoenix trailer is blessedly light in the way of plot, but it showcases just what kind of threat Jean’s going to become after the X-Men’s fateful mission into space leaves her forever transformed into the Phoenix. To say that this film’s Dark Phoenix is going to put Fox’s latest attempt at the saga to shame is putting it lightly.

Dark Phoenix hits theatres June 6.

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