Strewth! Aussie Broadband Just Smashed NBN Plans By $20 A Month

Strewth! Aussie Broadband Just Smashed NBN Plans By $20 A Month
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We’ve seen a bunch of cheap NBN plans in recent months, but this deal really takes the biscuit. For a limited time, Aussie Broadband is knocking $20 off the monthly price of its Unlimited NBN plans. This brings the total down to as little as $59 per month! Here are the details.

New Aussie Broadband customers can currently get the $79 NBN 50 plan for $59 per month. The deal comes with unlimited data, no lock-in contract and typical evening speeds of 45Mbps. To get the price down to $59, you need to use the discount code ‘SAYNOMORE20‘.

Here are the inclusions:

Unfortunately, the $59 price is only being offered for the first six months. After that, it reverts to $79. However, as there’s no lock-in contract you can jump ship after six months without incurring any penalties.

The same deal also applies to Aussie Broadband’s ‘Power User’ plan: pay $79 instead of $99 for the first six months. (The Power User plan has the same inclusions as above but with typical evening speeds of 90Mbps.)

Here’s how the limited-edition pricing compares to other NBN 100 plans on the market:

Remember, to get the deal, you need to use the discount code ‘SAYNOMORE20’. You can check out more cut-price NBN plans – including some that are even cheaper – in the linked articles below.

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