Monitor Saves Gamer From Stray Bullet

Monitor Saves Gamer From Stray Bullet
Image: <a href="">Eric Gan</a>

PC monitors aren’t typically the most flexible or lightweight devices, but for one gamer that bulk has proven to be a literal lifesaver.

Californian Eric Gan was sitting in his room, gaming on a Monday night as many of us do. But Gan doesn’t live in the best neighbourhood, as was evidenced by the shots that he suddenly heard.

Having shots around your house is bad enough. Even worse is when those bullets suddenly start flying through your house.

One of those ended up flying directly in the direction of Gan and his friend’s room. Around five shots went through the room in total, with one of the bullets flying directly into – and being stopped by – his MSI Optix gaming monitor:

Amazingly, the monitor still works just fine. The bullet went through the back of the wall before being lodged in the rear of the chassis.

MSI’s American team, to their credit, got in touch with Gan earlier today. They even offered a replacement 27″ 240Hz gaming monitor, even though the screen still works pretty well:

Most importantly, neither Gan or his friend were hurt.

[Thanks, PC Gamer!]