Kids From 2009 Predict Jobs Of The Future

Kids From 2009 Predict Jobs Of The Future

Video: Want to feel old? The year 2009 was 10 years ago. No, really. And if you want to feel really old, here’s a video where Year Four students explain what jobs they think will exist in the future.

What did these kids predict? We’ve pulled out some of the jobs below. Though, admittedly, we’re not sure what all of them might entail.

  • Moon greenhouse designer
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Algae engineer
  • Age-reversing cosmetologist
  • Teleporter mechanic
  • Virtual game show host
  • Zero energy home architect
  • Bullet train conductor
  • Soil replenishment specialist
  • Avatar costume designer
  • Food scientist
  • Community garden organiser
  • Global field trip planner

You can watch the entire video on YouTube.

As for the prediction about being an “Avatar costume designer”, well, the movie Avatar was released in 2009, so we can understand why that might be top of mind. Avatar was the highest-grossing movie of that year. Again, you can feel nice and old thinking about that one today.

Predictions that the kids made such as “cybersecurity specialist”, “bullet train conductor” and “food scientist” are definitely jobs here in the distant and futuristic world of 2019. And not to be picky, but all of those were definitely jobs in 2009, too.

I guess being a cybersecurity specialist or a bullet train conductor is much more common here in 2019, so we’ll give the youngin’s half credit.

As we’ve seen many times before from the predictions of previous decades, kids don’t always have the best track record for predictions. Somehow, kids of the ’90s.

But that’s OK. They’re kids. Adults, on the other hand, should probably be held to account for their crappy predictions. Especially when they’re raking in a ton of money making them.