Honest Government Ad Forecasts High Pressure System Of Bullshit

Image: The Juice Media

This weekend the country is heading into a Federal Election, and Honest Government Ads is extremely here for it.

This month its ripping the shit out using fear mongering regarding refugees in order to distract from the threat of climate change.

The video cites some casual climate related stuff that has happened recently such as melting roads, Tasmania catching on fire and the first climate change mammal extinction.

It also shows its support for the recent school kid strikes, using the Kyoto loophole (AKA shady accounting to use carryover carbon credits) to meet the Paris Agreement requirements and how ScoMo's Climate Solution Fund sounds eerily similar to Abbott's Emissions Reduction Fund... which low key helped C)2 emissions to rise. Sick one.

You can watch more of The Juice Media's videos here.

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