Exclusive: A Glimmer Of Hope Rises In The Dystopian World Of Level 16 

Exclusive: A Glimmer Of Hope Rises In The Dystopian World Of Level 16 

In Level 16, young girls are taught to be “clean.” To be perfect little ladies. Whatever the hell that means. It’s the kind of thing you’d only participate in if you were brainwashed at an early age, which suggests there’s something sinister afoot.

That early brainwashing is why everyone in writer-director Danishka Esterhazy’s new film seems so OK with the obviously horrible situation. A situation where young girls are stuck in this creepy school being prepared for…something. That is, until Sophia (Celina Martin) and Vivien (Katie Douglas), two girls with a complicated past, meet once again and begin to realise things aren’t right.

Below, check out an exclusive clip from Level 16, which hits select theatres and VOD on March 1. Here you get a taste of the creepy vibe, the layers of mystery, and where things may be going.

We saw Level 16 at Fantastic Fest last year and wrote a full review, which you can check out below. It’s a tense, solid thriller with some really fascinating and disturbing subtexts. Well worth checking out.

Level 16 Channels The Handmaid's Tale In The Best Possible Ways, Which Is Pretty Damn Scary

Have you ever watched The Handmaid’s Tale and wondered what happens to girls born in this society? Girls who never knew the “normal” world? Well, Level 16 may give you an idea. Written and directed by Danishka Esterhazy, Level 16 is an original film, but one that shares more than a little DNA with the hit Hulu show thanks to its subject matter, pathos, and disturbing timeliness.

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