Disney’s Streaming Service Will ‘Eventually’ Include All Of Its Classic Films 

Disney’s Streaming Service Will ‘Eventually’ Include All Of Its Classic Films 

One of the biggest questions about Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+, was if all of Disney’s classic films would be on the service or not. Today, that question was answered.

At a shareholder meeting earlier today, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that yes, Disney+ would “eventually house the entire Disney movie library,” according to Variety. “That’s a shift from the company’s historic pattern of keeping its classic films out of circulation for years at a time to build up demand,” the trade added.

So you’ll be able to watch all your favourite Disney films, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Robin Hood to The Lion King, Toy Story, and beyond on the service, in addition to the new movies Disney is releasing, and all of the original content that’s coming, such as The Mandalorian and Loki.

Like all good questions though, its answer brings up new questions. What does “eventually” mean? Months? Years? Why wait, when you’re trying to lure subscribers? And does the entire Disney library include Disney’s less family-friendly brands, like Touchstone? Can I watch Con Air and Armageddon on this thing? Those are just a few of the questions we don’t have answers to.

However, this nugget is more than many expected to hear about the service for at least a few weeks. Disney has scheduled another investor’s meeting on April 11 with the specific aim to show off the service, which is when many of the other questions will likely be answered. Footage from some of the new shows is also expected to debut.

What movies are you most excited for Disney to “eventually” have on its streaming service?