Batman Makes A Soft Cameo In The Latest Shazam! Trailer

Zachary Levi as Shazam. (Image: Warner Bros.)

It’s a very interesting time for Batman in Warner Bros. and DC’s big-budget, live-action movies. Batfleck is no more, and as it stands now, the upcoming Batman solo movie has yet to find its titular hero, but does doesn’t mean that the DCEU doesn’t already have another Dark Knight waiting in the wings.

The latest Shazam! trailer is a lovely reminder of those simpler, more pleasant times when studios still released major looks at their upcoming films during the daylight hours when most of us are still up and interested in watching them. For the most part, it focuses on letting to know what kind of powers Billy Batson gains when he utters his signature magic phrase, but it’s also a reminder that: superpowers or not, when in danger, it’s always a smart idea to throw Batman at the problem. Even if that Batman is a stuffed toy.

Shazam! hits theatres April 4.

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