A High School In New Jersey Turned Alien Into A Gigerific Stage Play

A High School In New Jersey Turned Alien Into A Gigerific Stage Play

Generally speaking, creating unlicensed adaptations of film properties is frowned upon in local theatre scenes. But sometimes, you get away with it by creating something super rad, which is what happened in the case of Alien: The Play, a full-length adaptation of Ridley Scott’s
Alien helmed by Perfecto Cuervo, an English teacher at North Bergen High School, alongside his student players.

And it is, indeed, fantastic. The elaborate production, built out of local materials, many of which were denoted to the school, manages to nail the creepy found future aesthetic of the original Alien film, down to a goofy but still kind of menacing xenomorph.

There’s even a trailer! They produced their own trailer! It’s fantastic!

Entertainment Weekly reached out to some of the people involved and paint a great picture of the whole production, which went viral this weekend after Mythbusters alum Adam Savage found and tweeted about how dang cool it looked.



Even the official Alien franchise Twitter page took notice.

“We are impressed!” they said. So are we.

If you had any ambitions of going to New Jersey and seeing the unauthorised adaptation, it’s unfortunately ended its run. Though after this, it might get an encore performance or two.