With The Force Awakens Timeline Looming, Things Are Heating Up On Star Wars Resistance

With The Force Awakens Timeline Looming, Things Are Heating Up On Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars Resistance, has had us wondering how the animated series fits in with the story being told in the sequel trilogy. “The Core Problem”, the latest episode, made the biggest connection so far.

The show finally did it. It caught up to the beginning of The Force Awakens, putting the final few puzzle pieces in place so that the show can logically run simultaneously with the current films.

Since the biggest puzzle piece, BB-8, needs to get to Jakku (where he debuted in The Force Awakens), the episode brought back Poe Dameron (probably for the last time as we know what’s ahead for him) in a story with a lot of seemingly weird choices but enough potential that we’re very excited where the season is heading.

Now, unfortunately, the preview clip this past week spoiled the specific timeline reveal but it didn’t spoil what Poe and Kaz did the day before shit hit the fan for the entire galaxy. Which was explore a section of space the First Order is interested in.

To be honest, even having watched the episode, I’m not exactly sure what they found. Some spheres that the First Order had cored? Like, literally took the middle out of? Since the area’s sun had also been consumed, I assume this was yet another tease at them raising resources and/or testing the abilities of Starkiller Base, but it doesn’t really matter in the end. All that matters is something bad is coming.

Poe and Kaz as seen by the awesome new probe droid. (Image: Lucasfilm)

Once they landed, a super cool looking update of the Probe Droid from The Empire Strikes Back (now with its own “babies”) catches Poe and Kaz exploring the wreckage of some ancient temple, which brings Major Vonreg and his slick red TIE fighter down to hunt them. A fight ensues, all the First Order fighters die except Vonreg (obviously) and Kaz and Poe escape.

At which point, the two perform the kind of incredible feat of a droid swap, as the two ships get on their sides and the droids fly between them, each inserting themselves into one another in mid-air. And yes, I used the word “inserting” very specifically there. The whole thing had a…vibe about it. Is all I’ll say.

BB-8, it’s time to see a man about a Skywalker. (Image: Lucasfilm)

Anyway, now the table has been set. whom he specifically refers to as a girl) and it’s unavoidable. Poe is heading to Jakku on a mission for General Organa, just like the opening crawl of The Force Awakens said.

Even though this is a major event, there’s more story to be told on Resistance with four episodes left: “The Disappeared” on February 24, “Descent” on March 3, then “No Escape Part 1″ and “Part 2″ on March 10 and 17. All of those are going to take place either during, or potentially, after the movies. This should be very exciting.