Samsung Galaxy S10 Range: Australian Price, Specs And Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S10 Range: Australian Price, Specs And Release Date
Image: The S10 5G is a lot slimmer and sleeker than we imagined

Samsung Unpacked has finally happened. No more rumours. No more speculation.

Over the past six months the Galaxy S10 arguably became the most leaked flagship phone ever. It made the Pixel 3 details look airtight.

But it is now officially out in the ethos, and we’re to deliver all the details – including when it will land in Australia and exactly how much it’s going to cost you.

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Thanks to all of the leaks (particularly those over the last week), there weren’t a lot of surprises at launch. But it was nice to see those monster specs confirmed.

The only S10 device that hadn’t been talked about much about before now (at least in terms of specs) was the Galaxy 5G, which may very well lead the charge when it comes to next gen mobile connectivity.

But for now, let’s chat specs.

At the entry level we have the S10e, which comes in 6GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB options. Next up is the regular S10, offering 8GB RAM for both its 128GB and 512GB models.

The S10+ will have the same RAM and storage combos as the S10, with the addition of a third 12GB/1TB model at the upper end of the range.

As for the S10 5G, there will only be on option – 8GB RAM and 256GB storage.

There’s also some improvement on the battery life compared to the S9 models. The S10e will have 3,100mAh, the S10 3,400mAh (100mAh smaller than the S9+ but with a lot more going on under the hood) and the S10+ jumps all the way up to 4,100mAh.

The 5G will be bigger again, rocking a 4,500mAh battery against the single 256GB storage option.

As previously reported, Wireless PowerShare is one of the major features of the S10 range. Much like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, it acts like a wireless charging pad, allowing Qi-enabled smart phones to charge from it.

In this case, that also includes compatible wearables, like the New Galaxy Buds.

I’m still sceptical about how useful this tech is compared to a wall charger or powerbank. They’re really not that inconvenient to carry around.

The Mate 20 Pro reverse wireless charging sucked way more juice out than it got in return and took a long time to produce a slither of charge.

Even the Samsung press release suggests plugging in the S10 while it charges another device wirelessly. The reasoning behind this is the ability to charge both the S10 and another device at the same time, without having to bring a second charger. However, the subtext seems to be suggesting that a wall charger is needed in order for the S10 to be an effective wireless charging pad that doesn’t have its power rapidly drained.

Other features include Dynamic AMOLED display (a world first for smart phones) with an in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner as well as the much-anticipated Infinity-0 display to replace the Notch.

This cut-out hole includes the phone’s biometric sensors, as well as the front-facing cameras. You knew this was coming, so get ready to read “hole” a lot more this year.

But what about the camera?

The S10e will have a 12MP wide-angle and 12MP ultra-wide dual-lens setup at the rear, along with a 10MP front-facing camera.

The S10 and S10+ have almost the same capabilities, with a triple rear setup (12MP telephoto, 12MP wide-angle and 16MP ultra-wide) and 10MP front-facing camera. However, the S10 plus adds an extra 8MP selfie cam at the front.

And while the 5G almost has the exact same setup as the S10, it also adds a 3D depth lens on the front of the device.

We have a full list of the specs here:

When it comes to the Aussie pricing, it’s quite close to what we were expecting based on Gizmodo UK’s price leak late last year. Get ready to crack your piggy banks wide open.

There will be three colour options to choose from for the S10e (Prism Green, Prism Black, Prism White) and it will have an RRP of $1,199.

The Galaxy S10 will have the same colour options but with 128GB ($1,349) and 512GB ($1,699) storage options.

The entry-level S10+ will have the same colour options again for its 128GB ($1,499) model. The 512GB ($1,849) will be available in ceramic black or ceramic white.

And then there’s the Big Boi. The 1TB Samsung Galaxy S10+. It will also come in ceramic black or white and is going to set you back a whopping $2,399.

That is $30 more than the 512GB iPhone XS Max, but admittedly with almost double the storage.

Still, wowsers. We’re very much looking forward to testing it out and seeing whether it’s worth the price of a really nice laptop.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ will be available for pr-order from 9am AEDT on February 21. Customers who pre-order from participating retailers between the 21st and might AEDT on March 7 will be eligible to also receive a bonus set of Galaxy Buds, which have an RRP of $249.

The range will be on sale from March 8.

We are yet to receive pricing or a release date for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

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