Huawei Accidentally Leaked P30 Pro Launch Details (And It Won’t Be At MWC)

Huawei Accidentally Leaked P30 Pro Launch Details (And It Won’t Be At MWC)
Image: Slashleaks

Mobile World Congress is only a few weeks away, but we’re already seeing news and leaks appear across the web.

The most recent involves Huawei’s next flagship – The P30 Pro. While some many have assumed that it would be making its debut Barcelona, that isn’t the case.

In fact, Huawei itself accidentally revealed when and where we’ll first lay eyes on it.

The Great Huawei Disconnect

Chinese tech giant Huawei is embroiled in numerous controversies including allegations of corporate espionage, fraud, attempted theft of a T-Mobile robot, and violation of sanctions against Iran. It’s also the manufacturer of great consumer products like a nearly flawless MacBook Air clone and one of the most technologically advanced smartphones on the market. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to talk about one without the other. So let’s talk about it.

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The culprit was a press release regarding new hires from Huawei’s Polish office. Along with the staffing news it also dropped info about the upcoming P30 Pro launch, which will be happening in Paris this coming March.

Despite the slip, this really isn’t surprising. After all, the P20 Pro was launched in Paris back in March 2018.

While we don’t have any hard facts on the P30 Pro as yet (or the exact launch date), there are quite a few rumours and potential leaks out circulating.

It’s been reported that the P30 range will sport OLED displays with the same in-display fingerprint scanner as the Mate 2 Pro. It’s said the flagship Pro device will have a 6.5-inch screen, with the regular P20 coming in at 6.1-inches.

Under the hood we’re expecting the range to have Huawei’s 2018 Kirin 980 chipset – with 12GB RAM for the P30 Pro and 8GB for the base model.

Being such a camera-focused range, it’s unsurprising that a beefed-up optical zoom is also being rumoured. We don’t have details yet; only high hopes considering the capabilities of the 3x optical on last year’s P20 Pro.

We haven’t heard much regarding the battery, although there are whispers that the P30 series won’t have the same 40W supercharge capabilities as the Mate 20 Pro. We may be looking at a 22.5W charge, instead.

In terms of aesthetics, Slashleaks revealed the above render – which shows what the P30 series might look like from the rear. It consists of a pretty bluey-purple finish that is reminiscent of the Twilight version of the P20 pro, as well as a quad-camera setup that frankly looks a little busy.

I would recommend taking the image with a grain of salt, though. There is no confirmation if this image is actually real, though.

Despite having to wait a little longer for the P30, there will be no shortage of Huawei news at MWC. The company has been heavily teasing the reveal of a 5G foldable device at its press conference, which will be streamed live at 00:00 AEDT on February 25.

We’ll definitely be staying up for it.